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Scala Sports ladder tennis

Want more matches on your schedule?

Join the Flex Leagues in Australia

League Dates (Autumn): Mar 18th - May 26th (10 weeks)
Registration Deadline: Mar 17th 


The tennis league will be available on and managed through the Scala Sports mobile app, which allows you to contact opponents and record scores in the app.


The league is a great way to meet local players and play friendly competitive tennis matches. You will be matched to players of a similar ability, with flexible play dates to fit your schedule.

Australia currently runs leagues in the following cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney


How Does A Flex League Work?

  • Level Based - Mixed Singles (everyone is welcome)

  • Play everyone in your box once (5-7 matches in schedule is typical)

  • Arrange your own matches at a mutually convenient time

  • Submit your scores through the app

  • After each season, players are promoted, relegated, or remain in the same box based on their results


After submitting you will receive a payment link and we will add you to the league of your choice

Thanks for submitting the form! We will get back to you shortly

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