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  • What is a flex league?
    A flex league is a recreational league for players of all levels and it allows players to schedule matches on their own time and convenience. Players are grouped by skill level into flights. Players are responsible for arranging matches via the app with other players in their flight, and matches can be played at any mutually agreed upon location and time. Flex leagues are a great way for players to compete against others at a similar skill level, improve their game, and meet new tennis partners.
  • What is a round?
    Every league has multiple rounds in a year, which typically run for 8-10 weeks. The dates for each round can be found in the USTA Flex app. Your matches (typically between 5-8) must be played within the round dates.
  • How do I create an account?
    If you already have a USTA account, all you need to do is download the USTA Flex app and log in using your existing USTA account credentials. If you don't have a USTA account, you will need to register (it’s free) for one in order to use the app. To register for a USTA account, simply download the USTA Flex app and follow the prompts to create an account. Once you have a USTA account, you can log in and start playing.
  • How do I join a round?
    Once you're logged in to the app, you can start browsing for flex leagues in your area. The app will also give you suggestions for leagues nearby. Follow the prompts to join a league, and you'll be ready to start playing matches against other players of your level as soon as a next round starts. If you join a doubles league, your partner needs to have an account as well. Once you join the league, you can add them to your team.
  • How are flight placings done?
    For new players, flight placings are done based on their level as determined by the World Tennis Number (WTN) rating system. They will be placed into a flight with other players who have a similar rating. For returning players, flight placings are determined based on a combination of level and previous results. The app will take into account a player's WTN rating, as well as their results from previous rounds. This means that players who perform well in previous rounds may be placed into a higher flight, even if their WTN rating hasn't changed significantly. Overall, the goal of flight placings is to create competitive and balanced matches for all players, regardless of their level or experience. By grouping players with similar skill levels and taking into account their past performance, the app aims to provide a fun and challenging playing experience for everyone involved.
  • What is WTN?
    WTN, or World Tennis Number, is a real-time skill level rating system for tennis players that is powered by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). It calculates a player's skill level based on match results, opponent strength, and set scores. WTN ensures fair and competitive matchups by providing accurate ratings that reflect a player's current ability. It allows players to find opponents within their skill range and enjoy balanced gameplay. You can read more about WTN at
  • How do I update my profile details?
    To update your personal details in the USTA Flex app, simply follow these steps: Sign in to your USTA Account at Choose one of the sign-in options, input your credentials, and sign in Access the Account tab Once you are logged in, click on the User Icon in the top right-hand corner Click on Account from the drop-down menu. This will bring you to the Account tab From the Account tab, you can view your USTA number and update your personal information. Scroll down on the page to view the options.
  • What happens after I have joined a round?
    At the start date, you will receive a notification and an email informing prompting you to open the app, where you can find all the details about their opponents and matches on the Home Screen. You can see your scheduled matches, including the names of your opponents and the proposed dates. For each match, players can now reach out to their opponents via the chat to discuss and agree upon specific match details such as the exact time and location. Additionally, players can also view any additional league-related updates, such as standings and matches played.
  • Can I play via my web browser?
    No, USTA Flex is exclusively available through the USTA Flex app, and playing via a web browser is not supported. To participate in the tennis flex league, you will need to download and install the USTA Flex app on your mobile device. The app provides a user-friendly interface designed specifically for flex league play, offering convenient access to match scheduling, score reporting, and other league-related features.
  • How to determine when and where I'm playing?
    USTA Flex automatically suggests a time for your matches, which you can find on each individual match card. We highly recommend using the app's chat function to reach out to your opponent and discuss the suggested match date. Start a conversation to share your thoughts on the suggested time, and find a mutually agreed upon time and venue that works for both of you. Once you've reached an agreement, update the match details in the app with the finalized date. This process ensures smooth coordination and allows you to determine the optimal time and place to play your matches!
  • Who books the court?
    It is a collaborative decision between you and your opponent to determine where you will play and who will handle the court booking. Once you have agreed upon the person responsible for the court booking, it is then up to both players to arrange a shared payment of the booking fee. The app does not handle the payment directly, so it is important for you and your opponent to coordinate and decide on a fair method of sharing the booking expenses.
  • How do I report a score?
    To report a score, click on the match card of your match in the Home screen. In the match detail screen, look for the "Add Score" button below. This button allows you to enter and submit the score for that particular match. Once you click on the "Add Score" button, you will be prompted to enter the score for each set played in the match. The fields are free format, meaning you can input the score in any format specified by the league rules. After entering the scores, review them carefully to ensure accuracy. After submitting the result, your match will move from your Home screen to your Match History in your profile. You can now view the updated standings in the league overview screen.
  • How to edit a score?
    To edit a score, click on the match card of your match in your Match History in your Profile Screen. In the match detail screen, look for the "Edit Score" button below. This button allows you to edit and submit the score for that particular match. After editing the scores, review them carefully to ensure accuracy. After re-submitting the result, you can view the updated standings in the league overview screen.
  • How are the standings determined?
    Standings in the tennis flex league app are determined based on a points system. Here's how it works: Winning a match: Players receive 3 points for winning a match Playing but losing: If a player participates in a match and loses, they still earn 1 point. This acknowledges their effort and contribution to the league. In the event that two or more players have the same number of points, the following tiebreakers are applied: Head-to-head scores: If two or more players have an equal number of points, the ranking is determined based on their head-to-head scores. The player who has won the match between them will be ranked higher. Sets won percentage: If the head-to-head scores are also equal, the ranking is based on the percentage of sets won. This criterion considers the overall performance of the players in terms of the sets won in their matches.
  • Do my matches count towards WTN?
    All USTA Flex league match results are sent to the USTA after a score has been added. Your results will influence your ITF World Tennis Number, but to see any significant changes to your Number, you will need to play multiple matches across a longer period of time. You can read more about WTN at
  • What do I do when my opponent does not respond?
    If your opponent does not reply, we recommend following these steps to try and facilitate communication and schedule your match: Contact people via the chat and communicate your availability for potential match dates and times, and politely request a response regarding their availability. You can also offer to book a court: Take the initiative and offer to book a court for the match. This proactive approach shows your commitment to arranging the match and can encourage them to respond. Try emailing if you are not receiving a response via the app. Some people may be more responsive through these channels. If your initial attempts to contact your opponent are unsuccessful, continue to be patient. It's important to maintain a respectful and sportsmanlike attitude throughout the process. If you encounter persistent difficulties in scheduling a match or if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to the league organizers to determine next steps.
  • How do I withdraw?
    If you wish to withdraw from an ongoing flex league, please contact the league organizers as soon as possible. They will withdraw you from the league. It's essential to communicate your decision to the league organizers to ensure accurate record-keeping and to avoid any unnecessary scheduling conflicts. It's important to note that withdrawing from the league will result in forfeiting the remainder of your non-played matches. The results of these forfeited matches will not count towards your World Tennis Number (WTN) rating.
  • Can I still play after the round has ended?
    No, you cannot continue playing matches once the round has ended. The rounds in the flex league are structured with specific start and end dates to ensure fair and organized gameplay for all participants. Once the end date is there, the season is over and match results cannot be added anymore.
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